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About Us

Who we are?

Been, Aware & Going Through It (BAGit) is an online mental health platform that was founded in November 2016.

We raise mental health awareness in Nigeria by removing cultural barriers and creating safe & by creating brave and open spaces for rising young adult Nigerians to share their experiences with mental health and mental illness.

Our Impact in numbers




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Team of professionals

Vision Statement

To break the stigma behind mental health in Nigeria through advocacy, education, dialogues, provision of mental health services to the emerging young adult Nigerian community, and developing sustainable mental health legislation.

Mission Statement

Creating awareness about Mental Health in Nigeria by reducing cultural barriers and developing safe and open mediums for emerging young adult Nigerian to share their struggles with Mental Health and Mental illness.

Key aims

Create a safe online medium for people to openly share their struggles with mental health and mental illness.

Educate the Nigerian community about mental health issues and illness as well as the importance of maintaining a positive mental health and well-being.

Break the stigma behind mental illness by advocating for the support and working with the government to better develop legislation behind mental health.

Organise dialogues and conversations with emerging adult populations on timely mental health issues.

Provision of short-term/crisis intervention mental health services and referrals to other mental health professionals for continuation of care.