Who we are and What We do?

The Been, Aware & Going Through it (BAGit) Campaign is an online Mental Health/Mental Illness platform dedicated to helping people who have struggled and are still struggling with a mental health problems/ illness.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to create awareness about mental health/illness in Nigeria by reducing cultural barriers and giving Nigerians a safe and open platform to share their personal struggles with mental illness/mental health.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to break the stigma behind mental health in Nigeria, subsequently establish mental health service centers in the Nigerian community and work with the government to better develop mental health legislations.

Key Aims

  • Create a safe online medium for people to openly share their struggles with mental health/illness
  • Educate the Nigerian community about the importance of maintaining a positive mental health
  • Break the stigma behind mental illness by advocating for the support and working with the government to better develop legislations behind mental health
  • Subsequent provision of mental health services and access to other mental health professional